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Try This Simple Trick to Stop Berries from Bursting on the Bottom of Your Muffins

As school restarts and some people head back into the office, the need for a quick and easy breakfast comes up over and over again. Often, the best answer is the perennial favorite: muffins. And everyone loves a good blueberry muffin! But there’s just one problem: All too often, homemade blueberry muffins turn out less than perfect when fruit sinks to the bottom and bursts, gluing itself to the paper lining or pan.

Tessa Arias, the author of The Ultimate Cookie Handbook, has the solution for you. Arias posted a tip on Instagram that she learned from Bravetart author Stella Parks: “Hold off on adding your fruit or mix-ins to your muffin batter,” Arias explains. Then dollop a bit of the plain batter into each of your muffin cavities to create a thin bottom layer. “Gently fold in your mix-ins to the remaining batter. Scoop the batter over the plain muffin batter, dividing evenly between all the cavities,” she explains. Then just bake as normal.

The layer of plain batter at the bottom will keep your berries from heading straight for the bottom of the pan and bursting, making a mess. A great thing about this tip is that it will work well with either lined or unlined pans, making clean-up easier. It should also work with other mix-ins like different berries, dried fruit, or chocolate chips — and in cupcakes, too.

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