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This Grandma-Approved, 75-Year-Old Catalog Has an Amazon Storefront — Here Are the Best Things to Shop

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Remember when catalogs were super thick and you got SO many of them in the mail? It was the best, honestly. My grandmother and I loved poring over home and gift catalogs together when I was little, flagging countless pages of interesting items that caught our eyes. One catalog in particular that I remember was Miles Kimball, which was full of useful, out-of-the-box gadgets and quirky accessories for your kitchen and home. So imagine my surprise when I was cruising Amazon recently and stumbled upon the Miles Kimball storefront! The company has their own website and still sends out catalogs (for over 75 years!), but now you can shop the brand alongside your weekly groceries, too. I happily dove in, feeling a serious tidal wave of nostalgia, since many of the tried-and-true products are still the same — and with very affordable price points, to boot. Take a look below at six useful picks for your kitchen.


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