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This Editor-Loved Toaster Oven Is on Major Sale — but for a Very Limited Time

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There are certain kitchen appliances that rocket to Hall of Fame status almost instantly. Maybe they simplify your life in a way you could barely imagine, or turn you into the home chef of your dreams — regardless of the reason, they’re those tools and gadgets that you simply can’t live without. One of them is Cuisinart’s Air Fryer Toaster Oven. Not only is it a fan favorite (it boasts 3,000-plus five-star reviews on Macy’s), but our very own Lifestyle Director here at the Kitchn calls it the appliance she “can’t picture her kitchen without.”

And here’s the kicker: You can score it for a steep discount (30 percent off!) at Macy’s this weekend only.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you on this kitchen workhorse, let’s get a little technical. Cuisinart’s toaster oven is what’s known as a hybrid appliance, which is really just a fancy way of saying it does the work of several items in one compact body. Equipped with 1,800 watts of power and seven unique functions, it can tackle everything from toasting, baking, and broiling to air frying and convection baking. Use it to whip up crispy french fries without tons of oil, juicy pork chops, and even bakery-level cinnamon rolls.

Between now and September 12, you’ll get 30 percent off Cuisinart’s Air Fryer Toaster Oven, knocking your spend from the retail price of $287.99 to $206.99 — don’t forget to use code SAVE. While that’s still a decent investment, it’s what we’d call a worthy one —especially considering the number of appliances this little guy can replace (your toaster, air fryer, and oven among them). But don’t sit on this deal… it will be gone before you know it!


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