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The Budget-Friendly Dutch Oven That Made Our Best List Just Got Even More Affordable (It’s 30% Off!)

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Dutch ovens are a cookware VIP in Kitchn’s eyes. The kitchen workhorse is a must-have item for novice and pro chefs alike, and there are very few pieces that can do it all quite like a good Dutch oven can, from searing and browning proteins or caramelizing veggies to slow-cooking a stew.

When it comes to Dutch ovens brands, though, we’re all familiar with mainstays like Le Creuset and Staub, which are amazing and have mastered the artistry of the perfect Dutch oven. However, for newbies unsure if they’ll actually use a Dutch oven as much as they’ve been led to believe (spoiler alert: you will), shelling out several hundred dollars on a high-end piece of cookware can seem like a big commitment.

Enter: Lodge’s Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven. With over 25,000 five-star reviews on Amazon (seriously!), there’s no question that this baby is a kitchen staple worth trying. Made with the same cast iron technology and attention to detail you’ve come to know and love from all Lodge products, the Dutch oven is coated in a chip-resistant porcelain enamel finish that comes in some truly stunning shades (we’re pretty partial to the whisper-green of Desert Sage or bold blue). It’s also available in a variety of versatile sizes (including 4.5-quart, 6-quart, 7-quart, and 7.5-quart) so you can tailor your pick to the amount of food you typically make. Plus, the whole thing is stovetop and oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, with easy-to-grab side handles and lid for safe and seamless cooking. This reliable Dutch oven even made it onto our Kitchn tools editor’s Best List.

If there was ever a time to try cooking with a Dutch oven, it’s during the fall. The piece goes hand-in-hand with some of our favorite hearty fall recipes, like braised short ribs, French onion chicken, pumpkin soup, and garlic mashed potatoes. As one reviewer raves, “I wish I’d invested in one of these a long time ago. It is NOTHING like using regular pots. I don’t have to turn my burners up as high, it heats so evenly, no hotspots, no burning, no cold centers.”

The reviewer also added, “I went slow and low with my sauce today, and it came out better than it has ever come out. Cleanup was a breeze and I was able to make a giant batch and freeze most of it after dinner. If you are like me and need an “entry-level” enameled cast iron, GET THIS. It was worth every penny.”

Are you convinced yet? Jump on this major deal on Lodge’s Dutch oven while you still can!


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