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The 2021 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Him in your Life

We’re so excited to bring you our 2021 gift guides. Let us do the shopping for you this holiday season.

You’ll be winning this holiday season with these 26 gift ideas for your dad, brother, boyfriend, or husband in your life. While there are definitely a few standbys for holiday giving (hello socks!), here’s a few unique gift ideas for every type of man in your life.

  1. Lululemon Joggers ($138): The most comfortable pants your man will wear.
  2. Tile ($40): My husband ALWAYS misplaces his keys. This is the perfect solution to that.
  3. Portable Charger ($80): For those times you feel a bit boujie.
  4. Knit Beanie ($35): I love a man in a beanie.
  5. Ribbed Cuff ($195): Sturdy and stylish, yes please!
  6. Leather basketball ($150): Because who wouldn’t want a mini leather basketball in their house?
  7. Portable Speaker ($89): I always find myself looking for my portable speaker more often than I’d thought.
  8. Theragun ($199): Okay so this is a total splurge, but when I say it’s worth every penny, believe me!
  9. Modern Deco Playing Cards ($14): Sometimes you need some fancy playing cards.
  10. Kiehls Eau De Toilette ($44): I love, love, love this fragrance! It’s subtle but also noticeable.
  11. Dogs Coffee Table Book ($45): I mean, who can resist a book full of dogs?
  12. Electric Corkscrew ($20): For the man who loves his vino.
  13. Hydroflask ($35): I’m not kidding when I say this water bottle keeps your cold for daaaaays (okay maybe not days but hours).
  14. Weekend Bag ($90): Did I mention that this weekend bag comes with shoe compartment? It’s the little things folks!!!
  15. Daily Shave Set ($40): Everything your mans needs for the perfect shave.
  16. Shinola Watch ($800): I love the clean and sleek vibe of this watch.
  17. Streaming Stick ($30): How awesome would it be to give the gift of streaming?
  18. Farmhouse Mug ($7): My husband drinks 6 cups of coffee a day and NEEDS this mug.
  19. Walnut Resistance Band ($120): Something you definitely didn’t think you needed – fancy walnut resistance bands.
  20. Slippers ($50): Whether your man wants to admit it or not, every guy loves his slippers.
  21. Cordless Groomer ($18): So you can continue to hog the bathroom.
  22. Bamboo Cutting Board ($75): I love this cutting board because it has a slot for your phone (!!) plus a place to catch liquids around the perimeter.
  23. Swiss Army Knife ($17): You’ll be surprised how much you’re reaching for a swiss army knife. I use mine for opening amazon packages, cutting tags of clothing and even opening bags of chips!
  24. Shoe Cleaning Kit ($24): I still can’t believe how good this shoe cleaning kit is. You’ll find me stealing my husband’s cleaning kit ALL THE TIME.
  25. Wireless Headphones ($60): For those that lose their earbuds all the time, i’d recommend investing in these headphones purely for the value.
  26. Concrete Phone Stand ($18): The perfect stocking stuffer.


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