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Stir-fry Sweet Tamarind Squid/ Assam Sotong 亚参乌贼/苏东

A quick and easy stir-fry squid in sweet tamarind sauce, tangy and delicious, goes well with rice. 
1/2 Red Chili (non-spicy) or 1 Bird’s Eye Chili/ Cili Padi, sliced
1 Onion, sliced
Some Coriander
2 tsp Garlic, mashed
1/2 tsp Ginger, grated
1.5 tbsp Tamarind/ Assam Paste
1.5 tbsp Sweet Dark Soy Sauce
1 tsp Salt
2 tsp Sugar
1 tsp Sesame Oil

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1. Combine squid and the marinade, let it sit for 15 minutes. 

Heat some oil in the wok, stir fry chili and onion until fragrant.

I cooked this dish using Song Cho stainless steel wok, 
a multiply stainless steel wok without chemical coating, it’s safe to use in any cooking including deep-frying. 
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2. Add in squid and all the marinade, bring to a boil. Adjust the taste if needed. When the sauce has thickened, garnish with coriander and serve right away.


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