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Rice Cooker Sous Vide Eggs 电饭锅低温半熟蛋烹调法

This was my first attempt cooking eggs using Song Cho rice cooker Sous Vide function. It’s quite easy and kind of fool-proof to make these perfect half-cooked eggs with runny yolks. 

2 Eggs, room temperature

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1. Add water into the inner pot (about 1/3 pot full or enough to cover the eggs).
I used Song Cho IH Sous Vide Rice Cooker

2. Close the lid, select Sous Vide function 70’C. The rice cooker will starts heating up the water and “beep” when it reaches the temperature (it takes about 20 minutes). Add in the eggs, close the lid. Remove the eggs after 10 minutes, let it sit for 5 minutes, crack the eggs and enjoy!


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