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Le Creuset Just Launched a Cool New Hue That Might Be Its Most Stylish Yet

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Le Creuset new color launches are always exciting, especially since they only happen about once a season. The ultimate oven-to-table cookware brand always shows up with eye-catching shades to help you perfect those cooking and hosting skills. Following a super-spicy summer and a Mediterranean-inspired early fall release, Le Creuset just debuted a cool new blue that might be the iconic brand’s most stylish release yet. Meet: Chambray. Inspired by classic blue jeans, this versatile new hue works with almost any decor scheme and feels like a breath of fresh, fall air.

When it comes to home cookery, Le Creuset is irresistible, in part because of its rainbow of color choices. The brand allows you to fully express your culinary identity by mixing and matching different pieces in a range of richly saturated shades. We like to think of their gorgeous products as multitasking superheroes, as they function as cookware, serveware, and decor all wrapped into one. Imagine stacking a piece in Chambray next to one in Cool Mint next to a Cayenne

Aesthetics aside, Le Creuset delivers on all other fronts, too. For almost a century, this trusted brand has crafted its wares from enameled cast iron that conducts heat beautifully and retains moisture and flavor. Everything Le Creuset makes is easy to clean, effectively mimics a non-stick surface, and is the lightest that cast iron can possibly be.


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