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I’m a Professional Gear Tester — And My Husband Says This Skillet Is “the Best We’ve Ever Had”

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My husband is a wildcard.

Because of my job as the official gear tester for Kitchn, I’m always trying out new tools, gadgets, and pieces of cookware. A different coffee maker? He doesn’t comment on it. A pizza oven? He’ll be like, “That’s cool.” But then there are the random things he takes an extreme liking to — and I can never predict what they’ll be.

The other week, he turned to me and said, “You know that tiny skillet over there? That’s the best we’ve ever had.” Um, excuse me? I couldn’t believe it! Not because the skillet isn’t great, but because he had such an opinion on it.

While 12- and 10-inch skillets are what I turn to for cooking most recipes, a tiny, 8-inch skillet, especially a nonstick one, is mighty nice to have around. It’s the perfect size for single portions of scrambled or fried eggs (which is what my husband uses it for every morning). You can make a single grilled cheese in it with ease. And it’s awesome for toasting a small portion of garlicky breadcrumbs to go on top of spaghetti.

But not every 8-inch skillet is up to snuff. A lot of times these smaller pans leave a lot to be desired. The pan loses its nonstick qualities quickly, or the the coating scratches super easily, or the handle jiggles when you lift it. None of these are issues with the Madura Plus. We haven’t had a single bit of egg stick to it in the six months we’ve had it! The coating is as perfect as the day we unboxed it. Its handle is also something special: It’s soft, with a grippy, almost silicone-feeling material. It stays cool the entire time the pan’s on the stovetop, too!

Because of its amazing coating, it’s a breeze to clean. And thanks to its size and sleek design, it easily fits in the sink (and dishwasher) and takes up little room on our dish drying rack. And I actually don’t mind leaving it out: The skillet’s ombré gray exterior (and brass accents!) just looks beautiful on my stovetop.

What will my husband love next? I truly cannot guess.

Do you have an 8-inch nonstick skillet you love? Tell us about it in the comments!

Riddley Gemperlein-Schirm

Lifestyle Editor, Tools

Riddley Gemperlein-Schirm is the Tools Editor at The Kitchn. A professional kitchen equipment tester, she’s worked for America’s Test Kitchen, EatingWell, and Food52. Her goal: to find the best gear for your kitchen so you don’t waste time or money on anything else. She lives in Boston, MA with her two dogs.

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