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Enticing Food Photography Class in Avon Lake, OH

We interrupt this vacation in progress for an announcement…

I’m teaching a Food Photography class at my favorite camera store, Pixel Connection in Avon Lake, OH. (“Local” is a relative term in this case – they’re a bit of a drive from Copley – but I make the trip whenever I can.)

I’m giving a talk about food photography, followed by a hands-on session so we can practice what I talk about. It’s $50 to attend (actually $49, what a deal!). If you want a behind the scenes look at how I take pictures for DadCooksDinner, this is your chance. Bring your camera and we’ll take some Food Photos.

(If you’re not interested, no worries, come back next week for my regularly scheduled food content.)

Link: Enticing Food Photos class at Pixel Connection in Avon Lake, OH

I hope to see you there!

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