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Easy Air Fryer Soft Boiled Eggs 气炸锅半熟蛋 [5 Minutes Recipe]

[Learn how to make Kopitiam-style soft-boiled egg using air-fryer at home.]
Air Fryer soft boiled egg isn’t something new, most people did it using cold egg straight from the fridge, air fry for 10-12 minutes. Well, the soft boiled egg can be easily made in 5 minutes using hot water (my mom’s method), 10-12 minutes is not my to-go especially the busy rush hour morning! I’ve tried a quicker method using room temperature eggs, cooked in my trusty Ninja Foodi, the eggs turned out perfect in 5 minutes, it’s easier in a way as I don’t have to watch the clock and boil hot water! 😀 

2 Eggs, room temperature
A bowl of water
Seasoning: Soy Sauce and White Pepper, add to taste
Appliance: Ninja Foodi Multi-Cooker OP300.

The Ninja Foodi that I’m using is a combination of a pressure cooker and air fryer in one appliance, it’s super-efficient and time-saving. Ever since I’ve got my Ninja Foodi multi-cooker, I’ve cooked almost everything using this wonder-pot. Besides pressure cook and air frying, there are other functions such as steam, slow cook, sear/ saute, bake/ roast, grill, and keep warm. I would highly recommend it to everyone who loves easy and hassle-free cooking with lesser pots and pans to wash.

If you’re interested to purchase Ninja Foodi, you can use this Discount Codemfacblite to buy at the lowest price 👉$349 (UP: $599). This discount is valid for orders from Singapore and Malaysia via Ninja Kitchen SG Website + 1-year warranty + home delivery (usually takes about 4 working days). I’ve attached the link below👇

Watch Video Tutorial < How to make Soft Boiled Egg in Ninja Foodi / Air Fryer >


– Eggs have to be at room temperature. If using cold egg, increase cooking time.

– Once done, remove the egg and transfer to a bowl of water, leave it in the water for few seconds will do. Crack the eggs and serve right away. 

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