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Coffee Mate Is Releasing a Rice Krispies Treats-Flavored Creamer, So Get Ready to Kick Your Mornings Off with Nostalgia

If you’re the type of person who loves to have something sweet with your morning or afternoon coffee, then I’ve got the surprise of a lifetime for you. Though Coffee Mate is known for releasing some unique and delicious collaborations for coffee lovers everywhere, their latest mashup with the beloved Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats cereal is one that will absolutely blow your mind.

Rooted in nostalgia, the new collaboration between Kellogg’s and Nestlé delivers an unforgettable marshmallow flavor along with notes of the traditional toasted cereal. So, if you consider RKTs to be the best snack of your childhood (or your adulthood), this is the way you’ll want to start your day.

Can’t wait to get your hands on one of these 32-ounce bottles to spruce up your mornings? Unfortunately, the Rice Krispies Treats-flavored creamer — which will retail for about $3.99 — won’t be hitting shelves nationwide until 2022.

That’s not the only thing you can look forward to at the top of the new year though. Nestlé and Kellogg’s will also be turning another childhood favorite cereal of yours into a drinkable treat with the new Sensations Froot Loops Cereal Flavored Milk. So, for those of you that find enjoyment in sipping your leftover milk after you’re done with your bowl of Froot Loops, here’s a ready-to-drink option that you can take on-the-go. And, you won’t even need a spoon for this sip down memory lane.

Both the Coffee Mate Rice Krispies Treats Flavored Creamer and the Nestlé Sensations Froot Loops Cereal Flavored Milk are expected to begin rolling out to nationwide retailers in January 2022, with the latter coming in 14-ounce bottles at $1.99 each.

Here’s to nostalgic moments!

Ni’Kesia Pannell


Ni’Kesia Pannell is the News & Culture Editor at Kitchn. Known as a self-proclaimed Slurpee connoisseur and the Queen of Nostalgic Things, Ni’Kesia spends her spare time running her all-natural beverage business — Peach State Drinks — and binging all the old shows you can name.

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