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Best Way to Grill Lobster

      Ever wonder what you could do with some frozen lobster tails?  You know – the ones that come up in “twofer” sales… Frozen means that gives me time to decide if I want to broil the tails and add to a pasta dish or lobster chowder…In the Summer the hands down way to go is to grill them. 

       The easiest way to grill lobster tails:
     Grab some steel skewers (if you use wooden ones, they’ll need soaked ahead of time in water so they don’t burn on the grill.) 
        I thaw my tails by sealing them in a bag and submerging in cold water – changing out the water *to keep it cold until the tails are defrosted – you do not want to thaw your lobsters too far ahead of cook time – I aim for 30 minutes before we start our grill. 
        Take your thawed tail, using kitchen shears – cut down the top middle to the main tail section; open the shell a bit and the “meat” should pull up and out of the shell and rests on top of the shell.  Using your skewers; thread the body lengthwise. Using the skewers will keep the tails from curling when grilled.  
        Grill over direct medium heat.  Grill meat side down for 5-7 minutes. Flip over and finish grilling, this is the time where you’ll brush your lobster with any herbed butter r plain butter sauce.  You want the lobster to be white and not opaque. The internal temperature should read 135F.                


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