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7 Pantry organizers that really work

My biggest concern with the kitchen in our new house was the pantry. I left behind the beautiful, spacious and very organized pantry my dad built for me.

The new kitchen has a large pantry with four wooden shelves, but it’s a very deep space that things could easily get lost in.

Here’s how it looks after I organized it with products I found at Amazon:

organized pantry

This is the real-life view. I made no attempt to clean it up before I took the photos. I figure if you’re looking for real-life solutions, I need to give you how it actually looks so you can see how it really works.

Let’s break it down by shelf and organizing product: 

What you’re seeing on the top shelf is actually a shoe organizer. I bought two of these a long time ago and used them in base cabinets to add some extra storage, but it also works great on the top shelf of the pantry. 

One thing I’m not concerned about is trying to use all the space at the back of the pantry. I pulled the organizers to the front of each shelf. I know there’s “wasted space” behind them, but if I stash things there, they will only get lost.

Also in the photo above, you can see a 3 tier shelf that I’m using to hold small cans of olives and green chilies. 

I ordered several of these shelves and although they are helpful, I didn’t end up using many in the pantry. I’m planning to use them for essential oils, supplements, medicines etc. in another cabinet.

These lazy susan turntables are by far my favorite organizing item. I’ve got quite a few of them and if I had more, I’d put them to use. They’re perfect for bottles, jars, spices etc. 

This is another favorite that makes canned goods so easy to find and use. It feels a bit like having your own grocery store.

I bought the two-pack (they can be stacked if you have the space). Together they will hold up to 72 cans.

This set of 8 clear bins is nice, because they function a little like drawers. They’re easy to pull out to find things and since they’re clear that also helps in seeing what’s in there.

You can also see more lazy susans in this photo, as well as an old bin that I keep all my baking things in. It’s not as neat as some other parts of the pantry, but it works fine.

At the bottom of the pantry I added this wire organizer for potatoes and onions

I also store some larger appliances here.

organized pantry

Looking again at the photo of the whole pantry, you can see the two over-the-door organizers I’m using for spices.

I’ve used this type of organizer before in previous pantries. It’s not my favorite, just because I don’t care for the look of the hooks going over the door on the outside. 

But it is very functional and it’s the best way for me to organize and find my spices right now. 

My goal in organizing this pantry was to have a very functional space. I’m not too concerned that it looks Instagram or Pinterest worthy. The point is for me to be able to cook efficiently and easily find the ingredients I need.

After using this for several weeks, I think the goal has been achieved. This pantry should stay neat and organized over the long-haul.

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