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10 of the Best Gifts for Enthusiastic Bread Bakers

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If you know someone who is still baking up fresh loaves, boules, and baguettes, it’s safe to say they have weathered the trend and they aren’t just baking for Insta anymore. Maybe they’ve been putting buns in the oven for years, or they’ve really just taken to their new hobby. Either way, bread making is a skill that gets better and better with time and practice.

Help your beloved bread maker take their skills to new heights with tools and accessories they’ll be excited to put to the test. If you’re lucky, maybe they’ll share some of their creations with you. 

These are 10 of the very best gifts for bread bakers. And guess what? We’ll be updating this list with even more picks as we get closer to the holiday season. So make sure you check back!

Accessories & Small Appliances

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A good bread knife should feel good in the hand, be long enough to slice through big boules, and sharp, sharp, sharp. This 10-inch beauty checks all the boxes and slices through even the crustiest bread like butter. Don’t scoff at the low price, either. It won the top spot in our Best List testing!

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Williams Sonoma


Because your beloved baker is going to want to toast the fruits of her labor! Many people love the retro look of Smeg products, but this one delivers on performance, too. It features two extra-wide slots for nice thick slices and self-centering racks that hold toast (and bagels) upright for even browning every time. Yes, this also ranked well on our Best List.

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This discreet bread box makes a nice addition to any counter. The bamboo lid helps seal in freshness and doubles as a handy cutting board. It’s crafted from 26.8 recycled water bottles, so it’s a gift you can feel good about giving, too.

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A butter dish always seems like a nice, classy idea, but in reality it usually turns into a goopy mess with butter sliding everywhere. That’s why the stainless steel base of this one is so cool. It looks great, but it also has clever stoppers on the end to help hold a stick of butter in place while someone slices off a pat. Throw in a nice box of gourmet butter to round out the gift.

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Moisture and air are the enemies of a nice loaf of bread. Help your beloved baker keep their masterpieces fresh and mold-free with these reusable linen storage bags.


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